How to Whitelist your emails - [Step by Step Guide]

In our next email I will send you a free guide...[ABC's of Dog Training] it will be an absolute game changer for you and your dog if you have struggled in the past… but we want to make sure you are able to receive all our training tips and suggestions.

 Passionate Pet Parents love our information on Dog Health, Training and Tips… Here is an easy guide to "Whitelist" our emails so you keep the good stuff coming?


Please take two seconds and follow our easy guide:

How to Whitelist your emails - [Step by Step Guide]

1. Click on the STAR... here are two examples from Gmail and Yahoo



2. FORWARD email to a friend....or if a Link is provided you can SHARE it.



3. Add email to YOUR Address book....



4. Last and super easy...Click on multiple social icon links, all mail clients keep tabs on who visits other social sites and by clicking on them you are saying "Hey this business is cool let's keep things coming"


Hope you enjoyed these tips on how to Whitelist emails.... and remember this works for both personal and business.... so keep the good stuff coming!

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