Ultimate Squid dog toy - Tuffy | TrueDrool.com

Durable dog toy [TUFFY]... it's in the name.

-Strong durable dog toy for hours of play and interaction

-Fun to fetch, tug and flop around at your dog’s leisure

Description: Tough durable construction methods with up to 4 layers of material, bonded and sewn together to make one strong layer. Most toys have just one seam to hold the toy together, Tuffy's has 7. Webbing is sewn around the edges of the toy and then the edges are sewn together to make each toy extra tough.

Each toy is then stuffed with safe, non-toxic fiber and has soft edges.

Contains 1 squeaker sewn into a squeaker safety pocket for an added layer of security, it floats in water and is machine washable (air dry).

Tuff scale: 9 out of 10

Color: Orange

Manufacturer: TUFFY

Type: Products

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