February 12, 2016


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40 Reasons Your Dog Is The Best Valentine Ever

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday if you have a Valentine to share it with. If not, it can be downright depressing to be surrounded by all of the hearts, flowers, and sappy stories of never ending love (that may very well end next week!) If you’re planning on spending this Valentine’s Day wishing for a Valentine, we’ve got great news. Your dog is the best Valentine you’ll ever have. Not convinced? Here are 40 reasons:

  1. Dogs don’t have to be right all the time.
  2. They don’t leave the seat up. Or complain that you did.
  3. Fine dining for dogs is easy on the budget.
  4. Dogs don’t care if you’re having a bad hair day.
  5. They never ask what you’re thinking about.
  6. Your dog will love your friends.
  7. They don’t take 5 hours to get ready to go to the grocery store.
  8. Dogs don’t have mood swings.
  9. They won’t make you wish you married your high school sweetheart.
  10. They don’t care if your feet stink.
  11. Dogs don’t have midlife crises.
  12. They love car rides and don’t insist that they’re a better driver than you.
  13. You can walk around in your underwear in front of them without judgement.
  14. They’ll never leave you for a younger model.
  15. They love your mother.
  16. Dogs don’t mind your awful taste in music.
  17. They’re usually very happy to sing along with you.
  18. They don’t care if you play with other dogs.
  19. They don’t care to keep up with the Jones’s.
  20. They’re the first to be there when you’re sick or hurt, even if you’re a big baby.
  21. They’re always happy you’re home.
  22. Dogs don’t care if you don’t pick up your dirty socks.
  23. They’re just as happy with a quiet night in than a rowdy night out.
  24. They don’t care if your clothes match.
  25. They don’t ask excessive questions about an attractive new coworker.
  26. They’ll never point out that you gained weight.
  27. Dogs let you watch what you want on TV.
  28. They love your cooking.
  29. They don’t shop.
  30. A dog’s parents won’t ever visit.
  31. They’re great listeners and don’t care how much you talk.
  32. They never criticize you.
  33. They don’t mind if you move your mother into the spare room.
  34. They’ll protect you even if they’re afraid.
  35. Dogs don’t care if you have table manners.
  36. They don’t expect you to come home bearing expensive gifts.
  37. They never “borrow” your clothes.
  38. They don’t lose their looks as they age.
  39. They’re happy just cuddling.
  40. Dogs accept you for who you are.

"The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog."   -George Graham



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