January 22, 2016


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5 Services for Your Dog You Never Knew Existed

We’ve all heard about dog walking services and pet sitting services, but there are actually many different services you’ve never heard of that are available for your dog. Here are just a few:

  1. Doggie Daycare. This is the same concept as daycare for your child, except you drop your dog off on the way to work in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon after he’s been playing with his doggie friends all day. It’s great for the dog – he spends time expending energy and playing with others in a supervised environment, and it’s great for you because you don’t have to worry about him destroying the house while you’re gone - or worse - injuring himself. It’s a great concept in theory, but be ready to open your wallet for this service. The average price for a month of Doggie Daycare with no extras is around $300, and you can expect to pay much more if you want your dog to be bathed or taken for extra-long walks.
  2. Mobile Grooming. Forget taking your dog to the groomer. The mobile groomer comes right to your door, grooms your dog, and gives them back to you all shiny, clean, and if you’d like, with ribbons in their hair and painted toenails. Thanks to mobile grooming, you no longer have to walk your dog home from the groomer in the rain, fight to get him on a bus, or put a dirty pooch in your brand new car.
  3. Pooper-Scooper Service. Can’t get the kids to get out and pick up the dog droppings in the yard? Simply hire a service to do the dirty work for you! Make an appointment with a pooper scooper in your area and they’ll come out and clean up your yard for you in about ten minutes time without all the arguing you’ll get from the kids. You don’t even have to threaten to take their iPad away. Cost: $25-$75 weekly, depending on where you live.
  4. Pet Photography. There are many companies that are more than happy to professionally photograph your furbaby. You can make it a family photo or just get some nice shots of your pooch alone. Photographers either run a mobile service and do the shooting at your house or you can bring the dog to their studio. They supply backdrops, costumes, and props. The cost runs about the same as for professional portraits of humans.
  5. Doggie Bed and Breakfast. Next time you go on vacation and can’t bring your pet, why not give them a nice little vacation too? Doggie bed and breakfasts offer everything a dog could ever want, including luxurious accommodations with televisions, couches to lay on, comfortable beds, swimming pools, and lots of toys and friends to play with.

This is only a small sampling of all the services available for pampered pooches (and their owners). Check your area to see what’s available to meet you and your dog’s needs! You’ll be surprised at what you find!

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