December 04, 2015


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8 Reasons You Should Donate to a Rescue This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! It seems that on every corner there’s someone dressed in a red suit ringing a bell, the local food pantry is running a drive, you can find a box to donate toys in every store, and everywhere you go, someone is talking about remembering those who are less fortunate. We agree. Remembering those who don’t have as much is so important.

Speaking of those who are less fortunate, don’t forget our furry friends this season. A great place to donate is your local rescue or shelter. Many of them run on donations alone, and your contribution could make the difference in an animal’s life. The more funding the shelter has, the more animals they’re able to care for. Veterinary bills, food bills, and basic operating expenses like electricity and office staff cost money.  Here are 8 more reasons for donating to your local rescue this year:

  1. No one will say “You shouldn’t have…” and mean it. Unlike that ugly sweater you thought was beautiful and bought for your sister last year, the rescue will actually appreciate your gift and put it to good use.
  2. A donation is always budget-friendly. If you have $1000 to give, then give $1000. If you have $1.00, then give $1.00. Pockets of all shapes and sizes are welcome.
  3. You don’t have to wait for a sale. The cool thing about a donation to a rescue or shelter is that it can be a tangible product (or one of our awesome subscription boxes full of them!) or you can just write a check.
  4. You don’t have to stand in line to make a donation to a shelter. Call them, send a check, or just walk right in. Chances are there are no lines and no waiting, even during the holiday season.
  5. It’s tax deductible. Give Uncle Sam a few less pennies this year by giving your local rescue a few more.
  6. Donations in someone else’s name make the perfect gift for people you don’t know (or don’t like!) Make the money you spent on your mother-in-law more valuable by giving to a shelter in her name. Rescue donations are also great choices for people like the mail lady, the trash man, your attorney, etc. that you have to buy gifts for but have no idea what they like. Naming stars after people is so 1990.
  7. It’s the only time re-gifting is a GREAT thing. You give money and the rescue turns it into a gift for a dog in need. Win Win! (Or should we say Woof! Woof!)
  8. It’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy (furry?) inside. We promise. Give it a try!

P.S. Not sure which shelter or rescue you want to give to? Leave it up to us! Buy a Paw-It-Forward Box and we’ll make sure it goes with a well-deserving pooch to a forever home!

Happy Giving!




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