September 21, 2015


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SUBSCRIPTION BOXES - Why all the excitement?

SUBSCRIPTION BOXES - Why all the excitement?

Subscription boxes are a phenomenon sweeping across the country and now globally.
They are a curated box of different sizes, shapes, and contents based on your selected interests. 
The movement started a few years ago with small beauty boxes that were sent out to customers. Inside were beauty products and samples from companies that may not even be in stores yet.
Product boxes usually have a THEME and have blossomed into many channels and interests.
A few Examples include:
-Boxes for Child discovery (toys, projects etc.) ...... Kiwi Crate or here is a unique one ......Dinosaur Box.
-Organic and Snack discovery (Organic treats, snacks and all around good stuff) ......Fit Snack.
-Meal Plan discovery ( These companies send out a box full of entire meals including everything you need to make a new and exciting meal at home)  Real Cool ......Hello Fresh.
They have companies and products for everyone in your family!
......Did I mention the Pets, Oh yes there are subscription boxes for them as well.
Here is a great subscription box that you can discover durable products and Made in USA treats for your dog.
How do I discover these?
Great question - Many websites are devoted specifically to doing reviews and providing a great source of information for research to find the right fit for you and your family.
Some of our favorites: ......Hello Subscription  and ......Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.
Tips for your best Subscription box experience!
Check the review sites, find a couple boxes full of products you might be interested in.
Look for new subscriber coupons, these give you a great first look at the companies and products and you get a discount for giving them a try.
Don't let "SUBSCRIPTION" scare you!
    Remember these product are based on a subscription model so it is important to read the fine print if it is not clear on the website. Usually their is a cutoff date for the next months products so if you cancel or pause the subscription before that date you won't receive and will not be charged for the next months box. Send them an email if you are not clear of the policy.
Once you find that box that fits and you love the variety of products, many companies reward you with big discounts for longer terms ie: saving $5 to $10 dollars each month if you sign up for 3 months at a time.
Last tip: The subscription box phenomenon is based around the online model. Love it or hate it shopping online is commonplace and if you have any pros or cons to relay back, these companies  respond very well and quickly to email for any questions you may have.
That's it! ...... now go out and get started on your subscription discovery today!

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