December 19, 2015


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Christmas for dogs [5 tips - keep them safe and happy]

Christmas for dogs [5 tips - keep them safe and happy]


-Avoid rushing at the last minute- while company is coming over and people are going in and coming out. Set aside a quite place for your pet to be maybe a back room with some water and a favorite treat or toy just until everyone is settled in and then your dog can meet the family all at once and not risk injury or worse sneaking outside unnoticed. [If a squirrel can sneak into the Griswold Family Christmas, your dog can sneak out!]


-Set a timer on your smartphone- pets are creatures of habit and they would love to still have meals at mealtime. Keep your routines the same if you can for food, bathroom and bedtime routines.


-Presents Oh the tasty presents!- Make sure to avoid if you can the temptation by placing the presents down right away in a place that is easily accessible to your dog. In their mind everything the family brings MUST be for the DOGS! The gifts can come out later closer to the time you plan to open them up.


-Set Boundaries for the Humans and the Dogs.- You know little Billy will be a somewhat unruly, [every year he proves you right] so when he comes over having a positive discussion with him can go a long way to a peaceful happy interaction with your dogs.


-Beware of Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia.- They are a beautiful accent for your home over the holidays but be mindful of their placement so dogs will not be able to get to them. As always if you encounter an incident where your pet ingests these please consult a veterinarian.

Happy Holidays!

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