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November 16, 2016


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The ABC’s of Dog Training

The ABC's of Dog Training

“Your dog is so well behaved” is one of the best comments that I could receive from an individual.

Usually that is followed by the question: How do you get them to behave so well?

So I have come up with a few basic points that you can start using with your dog and I think you will like the outcome…[just remember your ABC’s]


A: Attention- All dogs love it, but I am talking more specifically about –YOU-paying attention to your dog, Let me explain. Far to many people expect a pet or even a child for that matter to just behave and be good. Life just doesn’t work that way. You have got to put in some time and attention into your fur kids.

Start by getting yourself and your dog on a walking routine, say 3 times per week to start out. Plan it and stick to it, put it in your smart phone for goodness sake (they all have a calendar app).

This does a few things: First it is healthy for you and your dog and who wouldn’t want to shed a pound or two. Secondly, it gets you and your pet on the same wavelength, let them burn off a little pent up energy in the beginning then they will start to pay attention to you and your commands during the second half of the walk so focus your training and attention towards them on the later half.

Try sitting by a curb before you cross a street or intersection, count to 10 while your dog patiently waits by your side (your parents did teach you to look both ways didn’t they) then start the walk again. When you reach another intersection repeat the sit -10sec- walk routine.

Pretty soon if you ask this same behavior of your dog in the house when company comes over your dog already knows what to do sit -10sec- wait for another command. WOW it all makes since to your dog now!

Attention can carry over into the house also; take time to pay attention and work on small training steps.

Try this one, before your dog heads outside for a bathroom break and again before they come inside make them sit -10sec- then open the door and give them a command to go outside only after you have stepped thru the door, i.e.: [the human gets to have priority going thru a door].

Stay with me on this one, YES you can do this: SIT -10sec- STAY command-you go outside then tell your dog to COME. This should be repeated on your way back inside.

 By repetition and consistency with this exercise you are subconsciously training your dog that you are the leader and they need to pay attention to you.

 Keep at this one it takes time and patience, but your reward will come when the neighbors stop by unexpected and you open the door up after you have told your dog to SIT -10sec- STAY while the guests walk into the house without “Crazy Dog” jumping up all in their face. You may even here the comment: “Your dog is so well behaved”.


 B: Boundaries- All pets and humans for that matter need more of this one.

         Without even thinking about it by sticking with your 3 time a week walks and paying attention to your dog you are setting boundaries. You and your dog are starting to click, and the exercise puts them in a perfect frame of mind to pay attention to you with the task you are asking them to do.

 I will let you in on a secret: YOUR DOG LOVES TO INTERACT WITH YOU!

One of the truly basic happy feelings any dog can get is just to be with you, the humans, no matter what you are doing.

 Don’t want your dog to hop up onto the furniture, set those boundaries, try giving them a nice pet bed to sit next to you on the couch this way they are with you but not on top of you. Your dog will still feel like they are with you.

Another Example: Don’t want your dog to be up in your business at the dinner table, stick to your boundaries, patiently move them 6 feet away from you and tell the SIT – STAY, you will no doubt have to repeat this a couple of times but your dog will get it and you will feel amazed…Set those [Boundaries]


C: Consistency- This one is hardest for us the humans!

Yes we are busy with the job, family, bills etc. but nothing worth doing ever comes easy so stick to your guns and be consistent in your training.

The fact that you are reading this says you are a passionate pet parent and want the best dynamic for you and your dog.

 Our Home has been volunteering as a Foster Family for rescued dogs and although you can never tell the background of these great dogs when they come into the program I can say that by applying these simple ABC’s of Dog Training you will see results, and the end reward is worth the effort when you hear someone comment: “Your dog is so well behaved”


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