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October 16, 2016


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Make |dog toys| last.


     I cannot tell you how many times we are approached and ask if we have any indestructible toys or we get the comment “my dog can chew through a tire”.  Sadly if that is true I hope they keep their dog far away from cars. While I sure hope Fido is not in the garage snacking on the family car, I do understand the need for durable toys. Durable does not mean “indestructible” and almost nothing is, in fact indestructible.

     So how can you make your dogs toys last? Dogs are basically furry children when it comes to toys, however most of them never get past the “teething” stage. So children should play in moderation, quite play indoors should be combined with outdoor activities and they should have time for mind stimulation, so should your dog. If you leave Fido all alone with nothing to do all day but chew on a tire, that’s what he’s going to do. When a child gets rough and destructive with a toy, you take it way, same with a dog. If they have stopped playing with it and lay down and decided it’s time to rip its guts out, it is time to take it away before that happens. When children are quite too long, they are usually doing something they are not suppose to, same with your dog.

     All toy use should be monitored and understand the way each toy is designed to be used. Active throw toys are designed for just that, going outside and playing fetch with your dog, not for them to sit alone and actively chew on. If it is quiet time you are after with a toy then you need a toy designed for chewing like a Kong, but understand if the toy is not interesting and does not engage them in some way, they won’t chew on it. So if you’re going to do a Kong make it interesting, if you don’t mind the mess, stuff it with something exciting. Stuff inside peanut butter, a dry treat or freeze a treat inside during the summer.  Still in the category of chew toy, try antlers or actual bones for strong chewers. Antlers have tasty morrow inside like a bone but they do not splinter apart. As for bones, you have to do your homework, not all are the same and you need to be careful. Things like chicken bones and bones from your leftovers are never what your dog should have and stay away from baked and broiled bones, this process can leave them more apt to splinter causing a choking hazard. Always make sure you pick a bone large enough for your dogs size and supervise they while they are chewing.  Only let them chew on any item in the chew category for short periods of time, too much can lead to bloody gums or worse yet broken teeth.

     So if your dog is one who destroys it’s toys, moderation is the key to making any toy last. Let them have “active” play time and then put it up to play with again at another time. Our pets get bored and boredom can lead to destructive behaviors if you do not give them the proper channels for their energy. So get out and play, run in the yard chasing after a favorite throw toy. Go for a walk, play in the house, just do everything in moderation. Know your dog and understand how they play, then moderate and monitor toy use and your toys will last a lot longer!

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