June 14, 2017


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Dog seasonal allergy symptoms and relief [Springtime and Seasonal] | Part 2

Enjoy, comment and SHARE our 2 Part Series on how to manage your dogs itching sensation this spring. [Blog Link Part 1]


-Third check the Treats!

This can often times be overlooked, remember your dog and their internal body systems are fighting with allergies and sometimes it is compounded by additional meat based proteins in treats which under normal circumstances would be fine, but are currently adding to the problem.


Drool Tip: Use treats without meat proteins or common grains, which have been proven to cause allergic reactions in some dogs.


100% Organic and Made in USA treats are a great option: Artisan treats by BePawsitive…….are some of our favorites.


-Use the re-direct method:

Dog are creatures of habit just like humans.


If you are in the room and your dog starts itching those paws try redirecting their attention. Go over to the toy box [you do have a toy box for your pup don’t you?] and get out that toy, play a little bit with them.


Trust me the rest of the world can wait. Playing with you and your dog is some of the best stress relief out there and they will love you for it. {link toy pic}


Looking for a new and interactive product for your dog? ……Check out the CRINKIT,

Recycle a water bottle inside and watch your dog go crazy!


-Maintain allergen free paws and face on your dog with daily use of cleansing wipes.



These inexpensive wipes will make a huge difference in REDUCING the amount of springtime and seasonal allergies and itching your dog will experience.


Drool Tip: make sure to use one on each paw and get in between and under your pups pads and toes [This is where many pollens hide and are a constant irritant]



 Thanks for trusting us and sharing this knowledge with your friends or passing it along on social media, you may make the difference with someone else as they experienced the same symptoms and finally relief.


Our passion is pets!

Our business is Truedrool.com


Keith Kotschwar-CEO


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