June 14, 2017


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Dog seasonal allergy symptoms and relief [Springtime and Seasonal] | Part 1

Seasonal dog allergies - skin, eyes, and food…Yep our dogs have them!


Enjoy, comment and SHARE our 2 Part Series on how to manage your dogs itching this spring. [Blog Link Part 2]


-First is recognition that something is going on, each dog is unique and nobody knows your pets better than you.

Some signs your dog is suffering from seasonal allergies include:

-Change in mood from easy going and playful to more sit around and mope may be small hints that something is lingering and not feeling their usual self.


-Itching repeatedly is of course a good indication of seasonal allergies and pay attention to the areas that are affected.


Feet itching? Maybe unusual redness in the underbelly area?

These can offer clues to what is the root cause of the allergen. [Grass and weeds go thru changes in the spring, if your pup likes to enjoy the warming temperatures by lying more in the backyard grass, they may be exposed longer to the specific grass irritant.


Redness in and around the eyes and increased tear production can sometimes be noticed as are more frequent sneezing. [Sounds similar to those human symptoms doesn’t it]


-Second BATH BATH BATH …… Lets get them some relief, yes it sounds simple, but most people are un-aware just how helpful this can be.


Simply bathing the skin helps to remove the pollen and grass allergens from your dog.


Giving your best friend a bath is a great way for the two of you to bond more and we guarantee your pup will love the massage.


Drool Tip: Use a shampoo that is neutral; for example Oatmeal based.


Please pay attention if you are trying a new brand or formula, your dog may actually react in a negative way.

This actually happened to our dog Cyrus and the very next day after his bath (that was meant to help) he was actually worse, itching continuously.

A little common sense told us that we needed to undo what we just did. So after bath number two with a different more neutral based shampoo he reacted so much better, ……Ahh relief at last!

Thanks for trusting us and sharing this knowledge with your friends or passing it along on social media, you may make the difference with someone else as they experienced the same symptoms and finally relief.

 [Blog Link Part 2]

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