January 08, 2016


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How Your Dog Can Help You Make Friends

Having your dog help you make new friends probably isn’t something you’ve ever thought about, but the truth is that when it comes to making friends (or even meeting your future spouse!) your dog makes a great wingman. Dogs are a great judge of character. There are actually people who believe that if their dog doesn’t like someone, they’re not worth knowing.

Want people to be drawn to you? The answer is not in wearing the latest fashion or “appearing approachable” to others. It’s walking your dog. Dogs sort of magnetically attract others naturally. Who doesn’t want to see the cute little Boxer puppy or the beautiful Papillon? Think about it. How many times have you been drawn to someone with a dog yourself? You know what they say – great minds think alike. All you have to do is take that opportunity and make something of it.

Exploring your surroundings with your best friend is actually a great way to get acclimated to your neighborhood. First, you’ve got instant company. Secondly, it’s great exercise for both you and your dog. Another benefit is that walking through town may let you see things you’ve never seen before, even if you’ve lived there for years. It’s easy to “get used” to things and walk by without noticing them. Let your dog guide you. You’ll find that he notices a whole lot more than you do, and your next human companion might just be what he notices first!

If you don’t live in a town that you can simply walk your dog around exploring, find out if there are dog parks. Many cities, even smaller ones, have dog parks where people bring their dogs for doggie play dates. The concept here is basically the same as it is for parents of small children - the more you participate in activities surrounding your kids the more “parents” you will meet, including parents of furkids.

Should you be buried in snow and unable to take the dog to the doggie park, why not see if there are other dog-friendly places near you? Some hardware stores allow you to bring your pup, and places like Petco and PetSmart allow them as well. Bring them along and strike up a conversation with someone browsing the same aisle. Notice that someone is buying their dog the same food you buy yours? Feel free to strike up a conversation about it while the dogs get to know each other too!

Bringing your dog everywhere you go is fun as well as rewarding, and let’s face it – even if you spend all day walking and playing in the park with your dog and don’t run into another person, it’s still not a day wasted. Get out there and make some friends!

Note: While exploring your town, please be respectful of others and follow local regulations concerning your dog at all times.

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