July 26, 2016


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3 common myths about dog rescue

-Dog Rescues NEVER have pure breeds.

         While going to a shelter or working with a rescue might be; to quote Forrest Gump “Like a Box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get” I have seen many organizations routinely have outstanding examples of their purebred dogs.

Rescues will communicate with shelters via email as they receive a new dog into the system and many times these are pure breed dogs.

Of course there is nothing wrong with the mixed breed dog lovingly referred too as “Mutt”, I mean you have seen those Ancestory.com commercials right? We are all “Mutts” so to speak and I would hope you never think badly about your Grandma or Grandpa with regards to where they came from.


-My friend had a bad experience with a Rescued Dog.

         Yes, most Rescues have a policy, if you’re adopted dog does not fit into your Family then they want [and will] take the dog back into the Rescue organization.

This is where Rescues and their great team of volunteers really shine, They want to find that dog a Forever Home, if those circumstances ever change, rest assured the dog will be cared for and placed with a more suitable family.

 Good News this is the exception NOT the rule. I routinely get comments from prospective adopting families that they had no idea how in depth the application and approval process can be for Dog Rescues.

In a nutshell, it has to be because the Dog is looking for its Forever Home!


-I want a cute puppy so I can raise it the right way?

 This one is a two-part answer,

 First: Wow I love the puppy years that we experienced in our household but, BOY I am glad to be past that stage, Eat, Sleep, Poop and repeat that about sums it up.

Do you still want to add in training?


Second: I have visited this topic in another post: Adopting a Rescue Dog [like a CarFax.]

When you adopt from a Rescue Group it really is like buying a car with a CarFax report. Dedicated Foster families take in and love these dogs; they spend time integrating them into their daily life and routines. Take a moment and visit with a foster family at a pet fair and you will see they really do have insight on their dogs.

Knowledge is power and it will help you to understand if that dog might be a fit with your family.


-How can I help? [3 easy steps]

 Glad you asked! .....Dog Rescue organizations are dedicated, but they are often over tasked and underfunded.


Learn: Pick up an informational flyer at the next pet fair, put a $5 dollar in the donation jar.

Listen: Get educated about what the Rescue offers, you may know someone at work that has lost a pet and may not know about all the benefits of dog rescue?

Love: Show some love people… in our social society it is easy to Like: Tweet: or Pin: a quick picture that you take on your phone and shout it out to your peeps. The Rescue will benefit from the exposure and you may just help someone discover that forever Dog.

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