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Rescue Republic - True Drool - 1
Rescue Republic $ 25.00
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Peace Love Rescue - True Drool - 1
Peace Love Rescue $ 25.00
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Life is short Rescue a Dog - True Drool - 1
Life is short Rescue a Dog $ 25.00
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BIG PAWS T-shirt - True Drool - 1
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ACTION-box - True Drool
ACTION-box $ 30.00 $ 48.00
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ACTIVE-box - True Drool
ACTIVE-box $ 32.00 $ 50.00
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BUDGET-box $ 25.00 $ 38.00
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Apollo Rescue


Featured rescues receive $2 dollars from every Rescue Apparel purchase......Everyday!
Our current featured rescue is Apollo Support & Rescue.
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True Drool News

Make |dog toys| last.

October 16, 2016

          I cannot tell you how many times we are approached and ask if we have any indestructible toys or we get the comment “my dog can chew through a tire”.  Sadly if that is true I hope they keep their dog far away from cars. While I sure hope Fido is not in the garage snacking on the family car, I do understand the need for durable toys. Durable does not mean “indestructible” and almost nothing is, in fact indestructible.      So how can you make your dogs toys last? Dogs are basically furry children when it comes to toys, however most of them never get past the “teething” stage. So children should play in...

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Rescue Apparel-fashion brand giving back to dogs.

October 15, 2016

  Rescue Apparel-TrueDrool.com Wear the shirt......Save the dog! Idea: We are passionate pet people.  From fostering to forever homes, we have been involved, but……How can we do better? Fact: ASPCA estimates that each year 7.6 million animals enter a shelter. [2.7 million NEVER make it out]. That’s 7,400 pets per day! To put it in perspective the town I used to live in was 7,000 population. -Each and every day the entire population would be gone!   Make a difference: We realize the daunting task ahead and cannot save everyone. “Together we can make an impact” by actively engaging and supporting local rescues and focusing on two hurdles: [Money and Time]. $2 GIVE-BACK: Featured rescues receive $2 dollars from Every...

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Adopting a Rescue Dog [like a Car Fax Report]

October 14, 2016

                                                           There are many ways of rescuing a dog. One would be to actually go to a shelter and pick a dog out. Then there is one step removed from that process - adopting from a rescue group. A rescue organization houses its pets a couple of different ways. One is they have a facility where the animals are housed and cared for until they are adopted. The other involves foster homes, and just like with children, these fosters open up their homes and hearts to these dogs. The later was the route...

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3 common myths about dog rescue

July 26, 2016

-Dog Rescues NEVER have pure breeds.          While going to a shelter or working with a rescue might be; to quote Forrest Gump “Like a Box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get” I have seen many organizations routinely have outstanding examples of their purebred dogs. Rescues will communicate with shelters via email as they receive a new dog into the system and many times these are pure breed dogs. Of course there is nothing wrong with the mixed breed dog lovingly referred too as “Mutt”, I mean you have seen those Ancestory.com commercials right? We are all “Mutts” so to speak and I would hope you never think badly about your Grandma or Grandpa with regards to where...

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