Rescue Apparel - Is it made in the USA?

Even better: our T-shirts are {Born in the USA}

That means from design... to fabric... to manufacture... and shipping it is all done right here in the USA.

Translation: [QUALITY you can see... COMFORT you can feel]                                                                             

Explain $2 dollar GIVE-BACK?

Our exclusive program for ALL our Rescue Apparel shirts…

$2 dollar GIVE-BACK  Each and every shirt we sell, we will donate $2 dollars to our [Featured Rescue Organization]

Our customers LOVE this program… they know that their purchase is going to directly help Rescues.  

BUY the shirt….. SAVE the dog!


True Drool Gift Boxes?

All of our products and treats are boxer-tested and boxer-approved.

Geared towards big dogs [40 lbs and up] you can be assured that our products are durable for your larger dog.

You will get treats that have been tasted, tested and drooled over, in other words [QUALITY PRODUCTS].

How do you define “larger breed dogs”?

These boxes are meant for the over 40 crowd - pounds that is. Our True Drool Gift Box is curated for 40lbs and up.

Everybody’s dog may vary in weight and activity by breed but some examples are Boxer, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky and even the Standard Poodle.


Can I GIFT a box for someone else?

YES-Enter your information for billing and the personal information and address you want it sent to in the shipping section.


Paw-It-Forward Program?

This is our signature program where our customers buy a gift box for a recently rescued dog as a welcome to your FOREVER HOME present. [We work with established rescues].

This “grass roots giving campaign” has been a cornerstone of our belief that goodwill will help to draw attention to more rescue organizations and help save animals thru rescue.


How can I Paw-it-Forward?

Click on the Paw-it-Forward Box  and enter the number of dogs you wish to gift to (in Quantity field). This will be added to your total at checkout. We will see that your box goes home with a recently rescued dog to their forever home.


How do I get a coupon code?

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How do I redeem a coupon code?

Simply enter your valid coupon code in the "Discount Code" section of the Shopping Cart during checkout.


Do any of your treats come from China?

NO - This is something that we look very hard at. We only want the best for our personal dogs as well as yours. We strive to source our treats from USA and North American manufacturers.

You will never get a treat made in China.

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